20th Anniversary - TSC Conference 2014

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20th Anniversary

Toward a Science of Consciousness, The Tucson Conference

Tucson APRIL 2014


~ It was 20 years ago today.......  

D. Cantrell -  Poster Artwork 2014 20th Anniversary  


Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference

20th Anniversary - April 21-26   2014  TUCSON


Organized & Hosted by the


University of Arizona, co-chaired by Stuart Hameroff and David Chalmers;

Abi Behar Montefiore, Conference Manager



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R. Penrose; M. Bhaumik


The 1st Bhaumik Prize in Consciousness Studies was awarded to  Sir Roger Penrose at the TSC 2014 Conference for significant research toward understanding consciousness............more

  • The Bhaumik Prize supporting Consciousness Research highlights the celebration of the TSC 20th Anniversary program as a special feature to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the TSC-CCS conference and the support of continued research in the field of consciousness studies.  Dr. Mani Bhaumik is a visiting scholar at the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy. A physicist, author, lecturer, entrepreneur and philanthropist who made significant contributions to laser technology and the development of the excimer laser at Northrop Corp. Research and Technology Center. 


ADDITIONAL VIDEOS - 2014 Sessions - updating

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Additional Links to Videos of 2014 Plenary Sessions




Nick Day; David Chalmers                TSC 2014 Tucson     



 Stuart Hameroff                              Daniel Dennett; David Chalmers; Donald Hoffman           



Anirban Bandyopadhyay, S. Hameroff, Max Tegmark



Deepak Chopra; Abi Behar Montefiore; Susan Blackmore         


 Gino Yu



 Poetry Slam/Zombie Blues, D. Chalmers (Michael P and The Gullywashers)